HOG 32lb 360 Wing Black and Red

HOG 32lb 360 Wing Black and Red

HOG D2 First Stage - DIN

Edge Dive Flag Duffle Bag
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D2 First Stage

The D2 1st stage was the second balanced diaphragm regulator offered by HOG. After recognizing a need for a 1st stage with a smaller form factor, the D2 was released. Using many of the same internal components as the D1 1st stage you won’t lose performance by choosing the D2, simply some of the size and weight.

Choose 300 Bar DIN or Yoke Connections

  • Constructed of Black Zinc Chromate Plated Brass
  • High Performance Low Profile Balanced Diaphragm 1st Stage
  • 4 Fixed Position LP Hose Ports, 2 Fixed Position HP Hose Ports


Size: 7cm tall x 4cm wide x 8.5cm deep
Weight: 1lb 6.4oz / .82kg
Uses Annual Service Kit: EDG0359

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