HOG 32lb 360 Bungee Wing

HOG 32lb 360 Bungee Wing

HOG Flex Softplate

HOG Flex Softplate

HOG Total Buoyancy Control System Package

HOG Total Buoyancy Control System Package

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The new Total Buoyancy Control System (HOG-TBCS-PKG)

Designed to be a Diver - Environment Adaptable Unit. It is able to change to meet the needs of all types of diving conditions and all diving styles.

The heart of the TBCS is the new “Deluxe Flex Harness” that can be used with a traditional hard Aluminum or SS back plate or with the new “Flex Soft Travel Plate”.

The diver has their choice of the standard HOG 23lb or 32lb wing based on their needs. You can grade the 32lb wing to the Bungee version to keep the wing compact while diving or traveling.

The system includes two Tank Straps. Choose either Plastic Buckle, SS Buckle, or Quick Fit straps.

To perfect your buoyancy you can choose a pair of HOG’s Large or Small quick dump weight pockets. Add additional weight pockets to your tank strap if needed.

You can also choose either a 1.5” or 2” Crotch Strap that’s included in the system.

Own the ultimate in Total Buoyancy Control.

Items Included:

  • One HOG Deluxe Flex Harness (see product details)
  • One HOG Aluminum Back Plate (Blk or Red) or Flex Soft Plate.
  • One Hog 23 or 32lb Standard Singles Wing (All Black or Black/Red)
  • One Set of Drop Weight Pockets (Large or Small)
  • One Hog 1.5 In Quick Release or Hog 2 In Standard Crotch Strap
  • Two Tank Straps (Plastic Buckle, SS Buckle, or Quick Fit)
  • Two Metal Grommet Screws

    Tutorial Video for Assembling the Deluxe Flex Harness on the Flex Soft Plate

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