Edge 1 Piece Pole Spear Fiberglass 6mm Threads

Edge 1 Piece Pole Spear Fiberglass 6mm Threads

Plante Innovations Reel Spearin Auto Spool Line Reel

Reel Spearin’ provides a tangle-free spearfishing experience while allowing much faster reload times!

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The original wrap-around line system on spearguns is no comparison to Reel Spearin’ as it accomplishes even more than the original line system and yet it requires you to do no work. The Reel Spearin’ gives a hassle-free spearfishing experience. Reel Spearin’ makes it a breeze to recover and reload even if you miss or if the fish swims off. Long-distance shots of up to 20 feet. The Reel Spearin’ has minimal to no effect on shot power, accuracy, or precision.

The Reel Spearin’ tangle-free technology won't tangle in or around structures. The Reel Spearin’ will save time and energy that the mono wrap around line took up. Faster reload time means more time to pull the trigger. The Reel Spearin’ is strong and durable but not bulky. Even though the Reel Spearin’ is small and sleek, it still packs a 20-foot line with a breaking point of 400 lb.


  • No more standard wrap around mono line
  • Tangle-free Spearfishing experience
  • Faster reload time
  • Negligible effect on shot, distance, power, precision or accuracy
  • Strong and Sleek design
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